The healing science of cupping has been around for centuries with records 

                                                                                                             dating as far back as 28 AD. The tools have greatly evolved from animal horns

                                                                                                             and bamboo cups to glass, plastic and silicone cups.

                                                                                                             Cupping is all about moving blood with negative pressure (suction) to bring

                                                                                                             about therapeutic results. It is used to drain fluids and toxins from the body. A

                                                                                                             great example of this is expediting the removal of lactic acid (and other toxins)

                                                                                                             from a long/intense run or workout session so that your body can recover faster,

experience less soreness and be better prepared for your next session. Cupping also helps with breaking up adhesions, knots, tightness and detoxification. There are three types of cupping available.
Glass cupping uses glass cups and flame. A pad soaked in alcohol is lit on fire and placed inside the cup to heat and expand the air. The cup is quickly placed onto the area of focus. The flame then cools and suffocates as the tissue is pulled up and into the cup creating a suction of the focused area. (Glass cupping is not available at our Lincoln Park/DePaul location due to strict fire safety regulations.)
Plastic cupping uses plastic cups which have an air valve to easily control the amount of suction.
Silicone cupping is a technique which uses cups made of silicone. These cups create a suction by manually squeezing the cup for varied amounts of suction and are much more mobile across the body and bony structures.
Come on in to experience how cupping can benefit your health and performance.

Cupping, Deep Tissue in Chicago

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Sport/Clinical Massage in Chicago

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The techniques used in this type of massage help release deep layers of connective tissue and muscle fibers from the various elements that are causing pain to the area. It is because of this specific work that there's usually some discomfort during a session. There is ongoing communication between therapist and client to achieve effective progress. Our difference brings solid results.

In addition to the basic Deep Tissue/Sports Massage techniques, we incorporate a wide variety of modalities to aid your healing such as:  

Thermo-therapy          Cryo-therapy          Body Mobilization          Myofascial Release          Hot/Cold Rock Therapy
Assisted Stretching          Orthopedic Massage Concepts

​You can be sure your body will receive a mindful, focused, session tailored to your specific needs with great results.

"Restoring the body's functional health through massage,

returning you to optimal performance." 

Sport/Clinical in Lincoln Park

Sport/Clinical Massage - Lose the pain, not your goals.

Often referred to as "deep tissue," this type of massage focuses on a specific issue your body may be experiencing. Some examples are:

  • Chronic pain
  • Injury Recovery & Prevention (sports related, intense stress, repetitive strain, etc.)
  • Limited mobility
  • Postural & Osteoarthritis issues

Relaxation Massage - restore your body’s peace.
This type of massage not only feels great but also has plenty of health benefits. Using soft to firm pressure, a relaxation massage increases blood circulation throughout the body and enhances range of motion in your muscles. It relieves unwanted tightness and releases knots that result from stress. It calms the mind and body, which frees the immune system to focus on healing at various levels. A relaxation massage will help you release your worries and have you remembering what it is like to feel good in your body again. When was the last time you gave yourself an hour of peace and relaxation through the power of touch? 



Reacquaint yourself with comfortable movement within your body. Decompress and achieve a stress free mind set that will help you feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

No bells or whistles here, simply quality, effective bodywork that brings true results. Give yourself an hour of peace . . . Body Peace.